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Publications – How We Fight, 1776-2006

The military we have today is radically different from what America had for the first two centuries of the Republic. How we got from the Minutemen to Seal Team Six is the subject of a story I wrote for National Journal‘s Independence Day 2006 issue, entitled “How We Fight. It begins: Unpaid for months, the [...]

Publications – 2004-2010 articles telling individual stories

Learning From Veterans began as a project I did interviewing Iraq and Afghanistan veterans for my longtime employer, National Journal. NJ relies on subscription revenue and guards its archives jealously, but the editors there have generously unlocked all my articles that draw on these military oral histories and made them available to the public for [...]

News – new website page – Acknowledgments

I’ve added a much-overdue Acknowledgments page. To all those left out, my sincere apologies. To all those included, my profound thanks. And, yes, as you can tell from the tags, there are war dead on this page, too.

News – Dedication

This website is still missing many things. When I went back to my hotel room after my Dartmouth lecture today, I realized what one of them was. So I have revised my “About” page to include a quotation from a Marine Corps officer who, in the course of an oral history interview, gave me my [...]