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Appearances – I explain Libya to Romanians

Much to my surprise, I am apparently considered a pundit in Romania, where a website called interviewed me about the U.S. role in Libya. The interview as published will not be that illuminating to those of you who don’t actually speak Romanian, although between remembering what I wrote in English and recognizing Latin roots I [...]

Commentary – the Croatian model for intervention in Libya

I’m currently both moderating and contributing to the discussion on the National Journal expert blog about the wisdom of US intervention in Libya. My personal take, in a nutshell: I think supporting the Libyan rebels is in our national interest, and our assistance to the Croatians during the Yugoslav civil war shows us how to [...]

Commentary: Bush failed at democratizing the Middle East, the people prevail

I’ve posted a new comment on the Arab upheavals on the National Journal expert blog: Eight years ago, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz argued that the Middle East was so mired in authoritarianism, so politically stagnant, that the only way to bring democracy to the region was by force….[But] even massive military force [...]

Commentary – I’m optimistic about Egypt

I posted today on National Journal’s “expert blog” about the current protests in Egypt: A Tiananmen-style crackdown looks unlikely because the army rank-and-file are fraternizing with the protesters…I also don’t see signs of an Iranian-style Islamic Revolution converting a brutal but secular and nominally pro-U.S. dictatorship into a brutal, theocratic, anti-American dictatorship…The protesters aren’t chanting [...]