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Commentary – stop enabling Israel’s self-destruction

A decade studying America’s wars in the Islamic world have given me a different perspective on the Arab-Israeli conflict, one that probably wouldn’t be too popular in Tel Aviv — or many places in this country, either. My latest commentary on the National Journal “expert blog” lays out my strategic argument: Here’s the strategic bottom [...]

Commentary – what Obama couldn’t say about the “Arab Spring”

Over at the National Journal expert blog, where I’m once again both moderating and contributing, I’ve just posted my latest on the Libyan civil war and the repercussions — positive ones, I believe — of our intervention across the Arab world: We want these revolutions to succeed. And right now, the biggest threat to them comes [...]

Commentary – I’m optimistic about Egypt

I posted today on National Journal’s “expert blog” about the current protests in Egypt: A Tiananmen-style crackdown looks unlikely because the army rank-and-file are fraternizing with the protesters…I also don’t see signs of an Iranian-style Islamic Revolution converting a brutal but secular and nominally pro-U.S. dictatorship into a brutal, theocratic, anti-American dictatorship…The protesters aren’t chanting [...]