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Commentary – Beyond budgeting to reform

The current topic on National Journal‘s online security blog is Secretary Gates’s latest round of defense budget cuts and changes, but seeing as how the cuts are relatively small and were telegraphed for some time, I took the question as an opportunity to say adjusting budgets either up or down is not as important as reforming, [...]

Commentary – Counterinsurgency ain't cheap

I’ve posted yet again on the National Journal “expert blog,” inspired by this morning’s news that heavy M1 Abrams tanks – costly to operate, even more costly to replace – are being deployed to Afghanistan:  …. What on earth does this have to do with defense budgets? Some “COINistas,” the more revolutionary advocates of a [...]

Commentary – what to cut from the Pentagon budget

Commentary – what to cut from the Pentagon budget  I posted on the National Journal’s invitation-only “expert blog” again this week, this time taking on the defense budget in the time of the Tea Party and proposing a few cuts: I’m not afraid that the Tea Party can’t take on the defense budget. It was [...]