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Publications – 2004-2010 articles on military operations

Learning From Veterans began as a project I did interviewing Iraq and Afghanistan veterans for my longtime employer, National Journal. NJ relies on subscription revenue and guards its archives jealously, but the editors there have generously unlocked all my articles that draw on these military oral histories and made them available to the public for [...]

Appearances – Dartmouth lecture – video now online

The full video of my lecture at Dartmouth (yes, the one from Veterans’ Day) is now online on, of all things, YouTube, which I had previously associated with the blurrily filmed antics of drunken teenagers. The full video is almost an hour and a half long. If you don’t have that much time, I’d suggest [...]

Commentary – if you want peace in Afghanistan, make war

I posted on the prospects for peace negotiations in Afghanistan over at the National Journal expert blog: I do expect that, under pressure from the surge and the growing Afghan security forces, Taliban foot soldiers will desert or die, and local powerbrokers will switch sides or at least move from hostile to neutral so they [...]