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Appearances – Dartmouth lecture – video now online

The full video of my lecture at Dartmouth (yes, the one from Veterans’ Day) is now online on, of all things, YouTube, which I had previously associated with the blurrily filmed antics of drunken teenagers.

The full video is almost an hour and a half long. If you don’t have that much time, I’d suggest skipping the the introduction by Rockefeller Center director Andrew Samwick (my apologies to Dr. Samwick) and going straight to some highlights:

3:35 – the start of the lecture and an audio clip from Maj. Kris Faught, US Marine Corps;

17:15 - audio clip from Lieutenant Colonel Eric Schwartz, US Army, about the fall of Baghdad in 2003;

38:45 – audio clip from Technical Sergeant Herbert Simpson, US Air Force, about his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder.

1:24 – audio clip from Mrs. Angel McCollum, wife of an Army officer, about the stress of separation.

1:03 -  the questions and answers.

1:23 – a last word from Maj. Faught.

And I’m happy to take any and all questions about the lecture in the comments to this post.

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