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News – my new job at AOL Defense

This Monday, I sat down at my new desk in my new job as deputy editor of AOL Defense, a website where I’ve written with increasing frequency as a freelancer but am now on staff.

What does this mean for Learning from Veterans?

For this website, it simply means that I’ll be writing too many articles to post links to each of them here; from now on, the best way to see my latest work is to go to my author page on AOL Defense , “friend” me on Facebook, or “follow” me on Twitter, although I’ll continue to update this site as well.

For the oral history project as a whole, it means I have a new outlet to get post-9/11 veterans’ insights into the debate. I’ll cover plenty of other national security subjects as well — although my more than 200 interviews with veterans inform everything I do — but my new boss, Colin Clark, supports my oral history work and sees it as a unique way to enrich our coverage of a wide range of defense issues with the first-person perspective of the people who actually have to implement the policies and use the equipment. I conducted my 204th oral history interview yesterday, I’ll do my 205th Friday, and I’m happy to talk to anyone who’s deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11 (click here for participation guidelines).

My title and contact information may change; my mission and my passion are the same.

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