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Commentary – what to cut from the Pentagon budget

Commentary – what to cut from the Pentagon budget

 I posted on the National Journal’s invitation-only “expert blog” again this week, this time taking on the defense budget in the time of the Tea Party and proposing a few cuts:

I’m not afraid that the Tea Party can’t take on the defense budget. It was Dick Cheney, no leftie peacenik, who hacked the first big slice out of the Pentagon in what became the drawdown of the 1990s. Even the GOP’s patron saint, Ronald Reagan, had begun to apply the brakes on defense spending before he left office….

As for the specific cuts I recommend, let me just say that fans of tactical fighters, aircraft carriers, and amphibious vehicles won’t be fond of me.

And then a CATO Institute libertarian posted something that bothered me, so I posted again:

Chris Preble writes, as his punchline, that “it is simply crazy to be spending more in real, inflation-adjusted dollars on the military today than we did during the height of the Korean or Vietnam Wars. ” Point taken, but that was the draft era, when the US military had essentially a limitless pool of cheap labor….

Who needs to get any work done when we have the giant sucking sound of the blogosphere?

If you, too, feel like sacrificing your precious time to read the rest of the discussion and put my comments in contexts, please check out the discussion page on National Journal’s website.

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