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Commentary – not a word for veterans in GOP debates

A sad, slightly bitter observation on which to end Veterans’ Day: I can’t find one mention of veterans in the transcripts of the Republican debates. I say this in dismay not at the state of one party or another but at how easily we all forget.

I wrote more on this at the National Journal expert blog:

….I understand it’s a televised debate with eight participants getting 60 seconds a question, so I didn’t expect profound policy analysis. I understand the debate was focused on the economy, so I didn’t expect a lot of time on veterans’ issues.
But not one word?
Not even a perfunctory reassurance amidst all the talk of cuts that “of course we can’t slash veterans’ benefits”?
So let me offer six sentences of my own. Imagine I’m trying to fit it all in 60 seconds….

And my own take on what we owe our veterans is here.

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