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Publications – military retirement “reform” is really sleight-of-hand

AOL Defense has run another story of mine on the military’s human capital problems, this one on the real agenda behind recent proposals to “reform” the military’s admittedly problematic retirement system:

The military’s retirement system is a mess. But the current proposals to fix it have a hidden agenda. No, I’m not talking about cutting benefits to save money. That’s the stated agenda, which is sure to get attention in this cash-strapped era. But cutting a benefit paid out over decades, throughout a beneficiary’s lifetime, won’t actually save much money in the next five years or even the next 10…. The real near-term impact of the proposed reforms would be to make the coming drawdown cheaper and easier to manage.

Click here for the full story. You can comment either over at AOL Defense or below.

P.S. My first major feature article for National Journal, back in 1999, was on military retirement reform. Since the story is no longer accessible on the NJ website, they’ve graciously given me permission to reproduce it here: Smart Salute – National Journal 1999-01-30

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