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Publications – talking Army tanks at AOL Defense

Today, an article of mine appeared in AOL Defense, a promising new online publication founded just last month but helmed by the eminently savvy Colin Clark, formerly the driving force of the must-read website DoD Buzz. The story is essentially a reported editorial arguing in favor of a struggling Army program called the Ground Combat Vehicle. While the piece doesn’t quote directly from my oral history interviews, it draws heavily on them and on my decade of covering the Army’s agonies trying to develop new armored fighting vehicles:

The Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle program may be running aground before it can even sign a development contract. And that’s a tragedy. A decade of casualties from improvised roadside bombs – simple weapons easily replicated by any future enemy – has shown that what the U.S. military needs most is the very thing the Ground Combat Vehicle is supposed to provide: a better-protected way to move our troops around war zones that are only going to get more lethal.

 Click here to see the full story, exclusively at AOL Defense.

 And click below for some relevant past articles of mine from the National Journal archives:

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