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News – a Memorial Day hat tip from Dartmouth

Professor Andrew Samwick, head of Dartmouth’s Rockefeller Center and my host for my November 2010 lecture there, graciously plugged Learning From Veterans on his own website as recommended reading for Memorial Day. I’d reciprocally recommend Prof. Samwick’s blog  for any lay person interested in the politics of U.S. economy. Economics is sometimes called “the dismal science” (as the joke goes, that’s only half true: It is dismal), but it gets considerably less dismal with a guide who describes, say, our current fiscal policy as “the Treasury getting beaten at a game of Monopoly.”

Capital Gains and Games, the site where Prof. Samwick blogs, also features former National Journal budget analyst Stan Collender, whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a few times, and Defense budget expert Gordon Adams, whom I’ve debated frequently (usually having the worst of it) over on National Journal‘s national security blog.

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