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News – Learning From Veterans at 200

This month, I did my 200th interview with a veteran of our post-9/11 wars, a recently retired Marine Corps reservist. Most of my interviews were done in 2004-2010 during my time at National Journal, but since then I’ve interviewed about one new person a week (sometimes over multiple sessions).

The servicemembers who’ve honored me with their stories are definitely not a representative cross-section of the American military, or even of those who’ve deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ve deliberately sought out both the most experienced personnel and personnel directly involved in ground combat. I’ve appended some statistics and charts in printable PDF format at Oral history statistics – 2011-05-17.

Some highlights:

By service:
Army 72%
Marine Corps 15%
Air Force 12%
Navy 2%

By rank
Officers (including warrant officers) 64%
Enlisted (including NCOs) 37%

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