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Commentary – My daughter’s take on Osama bin Laden

My daughter provided guest commentary on the National Journal blog today, with me doing the actual writing since she can’t write yet:

The first person I discussed bin Laden’s death with was my daughter. She was born in 2004 and has known since she could speak full sentences that “our soldiers” are fighting “the terrorists” and “bandits.”….

Now seven, my daughter thought about the news, said it was good we didn’t use a bomb because it might’ve killed the wrong people, and then asked who the next “chief terrorist” would be. Afterwards, she finished breakfast and went to kindergarten.

My daughter was right to take Osama’s death in stride….

For the full post in context, go to the current discussion on the NJ blog. (But then come back here if you want to comment, since ordinary readers aren’t allowed to over there).

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