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Commentary – six things NOT to cut from the defense budget

I guess I’m learning to be a pundit. This week’s discussion on the National Journal expert blog is about cutting the defense budget, but I answered the question on my own terms, meaning not at all, and talked about six things not to cut:

I’m not a budget expert. I’m not a business process expert. But I do know military personnel, I do know weapons, and I know what our troops think about what works and what doesn’t, having interviewed (as of last week) 199 servicemembers about their experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq….Based on the painful lessons of the last ten years, and the likely threats ahead on both the low-tech end (counterinsurgency) and the high-tech (China), I’d protect six things: the number of infantry troops; reenlistment bonuses; infantry technology; ground combat vehicles; small coastal ships; and long-range airpower.

For the full post in context, click over to the current discussion on the National Journal blog – but come back here to comment, because the hoi-poloi aren’t allowed to over there. (It’s invitation-only – hence the name “expert” blog).

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