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Commentary – the Pentagon after Bob Gates

I posted my thoughts on the impending departure of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, his legacy, and the painful questions left unresolved over at National Journal’s expert blog:

We can’t keep doing everything we do now on the current budget, let alone a smaller one, but the current budget is only going to shrink. And Secretary of Defense who asked for more in today’s environment would be laughed out of the room…..The security situation permits, and the economic situation demands, that Defense give up some of its budget, which means giving up some of its assets and activities, which in turn means not only offending political constituencies but, more importantly, making strategic compromises. Bob Gates did not solve this dilemma. He did not even offer a comprehensive vision of how to solve. But he did make a serious start. And I’m not going to slam Gates for not figuring out the future when he had to spend most of his time pulling us out of a nosedive in the present.

For the full post in context, click over to the current discussion on the NJ website.

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