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Commentary – Libyan rebels, get a tactical clue

Over at the National Journal blog, I give vent to my frustration with the Libyan rebels’ incapacity for basic tactics and offer them some advice:

I’m beginning to feel like a Chicago Cubs fan here. Guys, stop running straight up and down the highway already and try outflanking someone for a change. As long as Qaddafi’s forces know you’re strung out somewhere on the road, they can fire their artillery blind and still have a decent chance of hitting you. Get out into the desert where at least you can maneuver in two dimensions and, while they’re still trying to target you, come into the town you’re attacking from the south. Once you get in a built-up area, their tanks and artillery will be less effective and your mobs of untrained infantry will be more effective. Of course, first you have to get your mobs of untrained infantry to listen to someone who actually has a plan instead of jumping in their pickup trucks and rushing up and down the road half-cocked.

God damn it.

For the full post in context, go to the current discussion on the National Journal expert blog.

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