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Commentary – what Obama couldn’t say about the “Arab Spring”

Over at the National Journal expert blog, where I’m once again both moderating and contributing, I’ve just posted my latest on the Libyan civil war and the repercussions — positive ones, I believe — of our intervention across the Arab world:

We want these revolutions to succeed. And right now, the biggest threat to them comes from Libya – specifically, from the murderous nutjob who wants to stay in charge of Libya. A prolonged civil war, let alone a Qaddafi victory, not only complicates the post-Mubarak transition in neighboring Egypt – the “real prize” here, as fellow blogger Robert Killebrew has said – but also broadcasts a dispiriting message across the Arab world which could cancel out Egypt’s inspiring example. Sure, the regimes and their supporters will be able to say, you can try to change things, and maybe you’ll even succeed like the Egyptian; but, then again, what if you end up like the Libyans? So we need to help the Libyans not only for their own sake, but to keep them from becoming a grim object lesson for the rest of the Arab world…The Arab world is at a critical juncture, and we need to get on the right side of history for a change.

For the whole comment in context, go to this week’s discussion thread on the National Journal blog.

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