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Updates about the Learning From Veterans project and website.

News – my new job at AOL Defense

This Monday, I sat down at my new desk in my new job as deputy editor of AOL Defense, a website where I’ve written with increasing frequency as a freelancer but am now on staff. What does this mean for Learning from Veterans? For this website, it simply means that I’ll be writing too many [...]

News – an honorable mention from Military Reporters & Editors

Yesterday, the Military Reporters & Editors Association – known by the unappetizing abbreviation “MRE” — announced its annual awards, including an honorable mention for my last year of work at National Journal: apparently my “range of reporting, from coverage of the air war in Afghanistan to analysis of the new Army tank systems, shows flair [...]

News – a Memorial Day hat tip from Dartmouth

Professor Andrew Samwick, head of Dartmouth’s Rockefeller Center and my host for my November 2010 lecture there, graciously plugged Learning From Veterans on his own website as recommended reading for Memorial Day. I’d reciprocally recommend Prof. Samwick’s blog  for any lay person interested in the politics of U.S. economy. Economics is sometimes called “the dismal [...]

News – Learning From Veterans at 200

This month, I did my 200th interview with a veteran of our post-9/11 wars, a recently retired Marine Corps reservist. Most of my interviews were done in 2004-2010 during my time at National Journal, but since then I’ve interviewed about one new person a week (sometimes over multiple sessions). The servicemembers who’ve honored me with their [...]

News – a rose by any other name….

After much consulting with colleagues, friends, and my learned wife (a poet), I have finally admitted that my original name for the project, “Policy at the Sharp End,” was painfully opaque. (It turns out “sharp end” is a Britishism, which I must have picked up from my Anglophile father). So I’ve promoted my straightforward subtitle [...]

Appearances – CNN appearance on national intelligence

Happy New Year to all.  Just before Christmas, I spoke to CNN’s Situation Room about the deeper structural problems behind Director of National Intelligence James Clapper not being up to speed on the latest terrorist arrests in the UK. There’s a pair of soundbites from me and a longer paraphrase of other things I said [...]

News – new website page – Acknowledgments

I’ve added a much-overdue Acknowledgments page. To all those left out, my sincere apologies. To all those included, my profound thanks. And, yes, as you can tell from the tags, there are war dead on this page, too.

News – Dedication

This website is still missing many things. When I went back to my hotel room after my Dartmouth lecture today, I realized what one of them was. So I have revised my “About” page to include a quotation from a Marine Corps officer who, in the course of an oral history interview, gave me my [...]

Veterans' Day lecture at Dartmouth

The Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College honored me with an invitation to speak about my work on Veterans’ Day, this Thursday. I’ll be departing for Dartmouth tomorrow and back Friday. If you happen to be in the area, please check out the event. For everyone else, I’m hoping to put audio and slides online when [...]

Website goes live, albeit wobbly

At the end of September, I finished my last article for The National Journal and, after almost 13 happy years, I left to pursue my oral history work with veterans full-time. The launch of this website is this project’s first big step into the wider world. Please take a look around, be patient with the [...]