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Upcoming and past appearances, in person, televised, or otherwise, by Policy at the Sharp End’s Sydney Freedberg.

Appearances – Veterans of five wars tell their stories – November 5th

On Saturday, November 5, in slightly early honor of Veterans’ Day, I’ll have the honor of moderating a panel of veterans from five wars — World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan — in a public event at Chevy Chase Library in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The event runs from 1:30 to 4:00 pm and [...]

Commentary – killing Anwar al-Awlaki was justified

Today, the National Journal expert blog takes on the killing by a US drone of Anwar al-Awlaki, an al-Qaeda leader in Yemen but also a U.S. citizen. My take may please the hardcore war-on-terror crowd more than last week’s criticism of Israel: Imagine an FBI sniper who’s got a criminal in his sights. Law enforcement [...]

Appearances – “Hell and Back Again” documentary showing & discussion

This Wednesday, the 21st, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion of the Afghan war and its consequences for American veterans at American University, after a showing of the documentary Hell and Back Again. The event is free but places are limited, so click here to reserve online. The filmmaker, Danfung Dennis, was embedded with a [...]

Appearances – I explain 9-11 to Romanians

Our Romanian friends at have once again posted an interview with me, this time on the anniversary of 9/11. Since most of you probably don’t speak Romanian — I certainly don’t — their translated version is probably less useful than my English original, here: Freedberg on 9-11 anniversary – 2011-09-14. A brief excerpt (from [...]

Appearances – I explain Yemen to Canadians

My global media preeminence (see here and here) appears to have spread to a distant, wintry land known to its inhabitants as “Canada.” I discussed the escalating civil strife in Yemen today with host Theo Caldwell of The Caldwell Account on the Sun News Network, sometimes considered Canada’s equivalent of Fox News. The show was [...]

Appearances – I explain American warmaking to Romanians

I did another interview with the Romanian news site Here’s the article in Romanian. For those of you who for some strange reason aren’t fully fluent in Romanian, here’s my English original, which they translated, in printable PDF format:  Freedberg for Romanian news on US wars – 2011-04-27. Some highlights: Americans aren’t particularly peace-loving, actually. [...]

Appearances – I explain Libya to Romanians

Much to my surprise, I am apparently considered a pundit in Romania, where a website called interviewed me about the U.S. role in Libya. The interview as published will not be that illuminating to those of you who don’t actually speak Romanian, although between remembering what I wrote in English and recognizing Latin roots I [...]

Appearances – CNN appearance on national intelligence

Happy New Year to all.  Just before Christmas, I spoke to CNN’s Situation Room about the deeper structural problems behind Director of National Intelligence James Clapper not being up to speed on the latest terrorist arrests in the UK. There’s a pair of soundbites from me and a longer paraphrase of other things I said [...]

Appearances – Dartmouth lecture – video now online

The full video of my lecture at Dartmouth (yes, the one from Veterans’ Day) is now online on, of all things, YouTube, which I had previously associated with the blurrily filmed antics of drunken teenagers. The full video is almost an hour and a half long. If you don’t have that much time, I’d suggest [...]

Veterans' Day lecture at Dartmouth

The Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College honored me with an invitation to speak about my work on Veterans’ Day, this Thursday. I’ll be departing for Dartmouth tomorrow and back Friday. If you happen to be in the area, please check out the event. For everyone else, I’m hoping to put audio and slides online when [...]